Wanted Dragon Surfboard

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This board is a small wave machine. Its feather-like weight and great maneuverability allow you to fit maneuvers in any tiny piece of wave. It’s like having a cloud under your feet while still feeling secure enough to perform a deep bottom-turn or bust a crazy air. Thanks to its vacuum construction, the glassing job on a dRaGon is twice as light as those on regular surfboards, and more compact. The vacuum construction also improves the board endurance and durability. The Flowtech bottom reduces friction between the board and the ocean generating extra speed and fluidity. The original Flowtech bottomed model by WANTED Shapes will get you furtherer on waves, and faster. It surfs best in 1-3ft waves. Ultralight and extra durable for modern surfing lovers.

Flowtech, tail patch and 5 fin system included.

Tail Shapes
  • Swallow
  • Squash
  • Single Concave
Fin System Options
  • FCS, Futures
Fin Setup
  • Five Fin