Wanted Angry Bird Surfboard

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WANTED Shapes high performance model for young guns. Super friendly board with incredible rail-to-rail transition. Designed for groms who dream of completing the tricks they see in surf webclips. Super fast and maneuverable, this board will get you in the right place at the right time to nail that move you've been playing over and over in your mind. The right equipment for young surfers who wanna take it to the next level!

Tail Shapes
  • Swallow
  • Round
  • Squash
  • Single Concave
Fin System Options
  • FCS, Futures
Fin Setup
  • Thruster, Five Fin
  • PU
  • EPS (by special order)
  • EPS w/Flowtech (by special order)
  • PU w/Flowtech (by special order)