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Location: Surf in Monkeys (Matosinhos)
Learn to skate in just 3 hours

These courses, of different levels of development, are intended for those who want to learn to skate in just 3 hours, or who already ride skates but who want to improve the technique. For all ages! (From 6 to 86 years)!

In this intensive course you will learn:

- Theory and video/photo analyses at our HPSS space - (High Performance Surf Training)
- to use the protections correctly
- Going up and down safely
- to launch
- To break
- to corner
With the registration and participation in this intensive course, we ensure that after 3 hours you will effectively skateboard in a safe and controlled manner, as well as to haul, bend and break in a flat area. If this is not the case, the School undertakes to offer you participation in a new course, so that the objectives defined here are fully achieved.

Equipment: The School lends skateboards, protections and helmets to all students who need them.

We suggest:
- arrival 15/20 minutes in advance
- wear training apparel or shorts and low sole shoes
- take sunscreen (if it's sunny)
- bring a jacket (if it's cold)
- carry a backpack with a bottle of water and something to eat (cereal bars or bananas).

* We give courses with a minimum of 3 participants