Gift Card (Surf Class + High Performance Surf Training Class + Nutrition Consultation)

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Gift card to use for 1 year from the date of acquisition for:

- Surf Class;
- High Performance Surf Training Class;
- Nutrition Consultation.

Classes are in group and will have to be scheduled in Surf' in Monkeys available timetables. Nutrition consultation will be scheduled according to the availability of both parties.

Pricing per person and includes:

- monitoring by certified instructors (maximum of 10 students per instructor, depending on the age of the participants); 
- equipment supply for Surfing lessons (Wetsuit and Surfboard); 
- equipment supply for High Performance Surf Training; 
- insurance; 
- use of School facilities;
- VAT tax.  

Surf lesson duration: 1:30 h.
Surf training duration: 1h.