About Us

The company Borges Burnay, Lda, owns the brand Surf inMonkeys.

Surf' in Monkeys is located in Matosinhos Sul and offers three physical spaces:

- Store (Surf, Skateboard, Rollerblades, and accessories)

Address: Estrada da Circunvalação, 16002
4450-Matosinhos 100

Building "Portas do Mar"

Reference points: in front of the roundabout 
of the Anemone fishing net sculture, next to the bakery "Mix Pão")
- School of Surf and Skate (services and information 
provided at the store located on main address) 

Address: Praça Cidade São Salvador, 302
4450-096 Matosinhos

Reference points: near the roundabout of the Anemone fishing net sculpture
- HPSS (High Performance Surf Studio).

Training Center and Yoga classes (services and information provided in store located on main address)

Address: Avenida da República n° 728
4450-239 Matosinhos

Reference points: Entry at Shopping Center, "Atlântico", next to Lidl supermarket and McDonalds of Matosinhos Sul

Surf' in Monkeys offers:

- Group classes and personal trainer of Surf, Skate (Surf Skate, Lonagboard and Street), Yoga and functional Training equipment of the best brands, certified instructors, all licensing and insurance required;
- intensive courses, surftrips, Surf camp, birthday parties, camps, events and activities for groups;
- equipment rental (surf, skate and Rollerblades);
- shop for equipment of the best brands of Surf, Skate, skating, clothing and accessories;
- other sales with partners of other products/services such as: bike/bikes, sightseeing, among others;
- equipment for demonstration;
- services of maintenance/repair/upgrade of equipment;
- vouchers/gift checks;
- free public parking;
- excellent accessibility by public transport, bus and Metro.

Surf' in Monkeys presents an innovative concept of Sports Center, multi-sports with:

- specialized attending;
- modern and informal environment;
- locker room;
- bathroom with hot water;
- key guard service (for students);
- Lounge area where there lack of console video games.

In the Surf in Monkeys, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Provide real innovation to our customers through Surf lessons, skateboarding, Yoga, FunctionalTraining also with a shop where you can buy or rent equipment to practise their favourite sport.

The Surf in Monkeys is a project that is targeted to all age groups and who it is for basic education and advanced training in the practice of surfing, and for this purpose, duly accredited by the Portuguese Federation of Surf, Surf protection entity in Portugal.